Аpply for membership

Do you want to network and collaborate with other organizations working at local, regional, and national levels? Then NYCM is the right network for you!

NYCM membership can include:

  • Youth organizations;
  • Organizations for youth;
  • Unions;
  • Youth wings of other organizations;
  • University Assemblies.


The NYCM membership benefits include:

  • Cooperation and joint action with organizations from all over the country for improved conditions for young people;
  • Networking and partnering with organizations that have the same or similar scope of work;
  • Participation in processes for the creation of appropriate policies that enable social and personal development of young people;
  • Possibility of representing and advocating for young people and youth organizations through cooperation with institutions;
  • Capacity development through strengthening and promotion of the role of youth organizations in front of institutions and stakeholders;
  • Information and notifications about the opportunities and projects offered by other organizations;
  • Promoting your activities, events, and resources through the Mladi.mk platform.



How to apply?


Send us the following scanned documents, together with the completed membership admission form, at the e-mail address [email protected]:

  1. Completed membership application form (available on the button below);
  2. Statute;
  3. Current status (not older than six months);
  4. Organizational chart;
  5. Information about the management of the organization;
  6. Annual narrative and financial reports for the last two years (for full membership);
  7. Decision on membership in NMSM by a body authorized to make that decision in accordance with the Statute and internal acts of the petitioner;
  8. Annual work program, or strategic plan, according to which the organization will realize its activities in the coming period.

The received applications will be considered by the delegates of the regular NYCM Assembly.

Note: Only applications that arrive at least 20 days before the spring NYCM Assembly and at least 20 days before the autumn NYCM Assembly will be considered. Applications that will arrive after the expiration of these deadlines will be considered at the following regular NYCM Assembly.


After finishing the administrative part and completing the documentation, our team will visit you to get to know each other and tell us more about your organization and your interest in the NYCM membership. The decision on the membership is made by the NYCM Assembly.


Here you can read the criteria for full and associate membership in the NYCM, which are also specified in the NYCM Statute: