“Organizations need to understand that they are playing the role of a democratic corrective or a mechanism that will remind the authorities what democracy means. We live in times when technological advancement provides us with many channels of communication, when we no longer depend directly on editorial policies and journalists who mediate information. We have the opportunity to employ various actions, activities, mobilize and transmit ideas and messages, and thus have a direct impact on the decision makers”, said Irena Hristov in an interview with Radio MOF. Hristov is an expert on communications and public relations. She was one of the lecturers at the public communication training for civil society organizations held on December 12-13.

In the audio podcast, she talks about what is the priority for organizations when they are addressing the public and what is the importance of key messages. Moreover, she also spoke about how organizations should become an influential voice for policy-making and change, and thus improve the situation in society.

The podcast is part of the project of Radio MOF and the National Youth Council of Macedonia on “Youth Media Literacy”, as part of the Media Literacy Coalition implemented by the School of Journalism and Public Relations in partnership with “Nova Makedonija” and the Media Diversity Institute from London.

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