Pursuant to Articles 61 and 64 of the Statute of the National Youth Council of Macedonia, the Governing Board of the National Youth Council of Macedonia has decided to announce:



Method of application and deadline

All interested candidates should submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Motivational letter;
  • At least two reference letters from previous employers/persons familiar with the applicant’s work

All applications must be received by e-mail at the following address: [email protected] with subject: Application for Secretary General of the NYCM

The deadline for submitting all applications is April 19, 2020, 23:59h.


Key tasks of the position of Secretary General:

  • Management of the Secretariat of the NYCM;
  • Representation and advocacy of the NYCM;
  • Implementing the policies of the NYCM in order to achieve the mission and vision of the NYCM


Duties and responsibilities of the Secretary General:

  • Represents and advocates the NYCM in legal meters to third parties;
  • Manages the funds of the NYCM in accordance with the possibilities and needs and in accordance with the positive legal rules and the internal regulations and rule books of the NYCM;
  • Implements the policy, conclusions and decisions adopted by the Governing Board or the Assembly;
  • Cooperates with the members of the Governing Board on issues related to the implementation of the program, decisions and other acts of the bodies of the NYCM and other issues in the field of the current operation of the NYCM;
  • Determines the working teams that will prepare and implement the projects and programs of the NYCM and monitors their implementation;
  • Proposes the organizational structure of the Secretariat
  • Determines and implements the human resources policy of the executive office, as well as the policy of motivation and sanctioning;
  • He / she is responsible for preparing and submitting the annual program report to the Governing Board of the NYCM. He is responsible for submitting the financial report to the Governing Board of the NYCM, which is prepared by the financial manager of the NYCM;
  • Coordinates the process of raising funds for the NYCM;
  • Manages the process of preparation of strategic, annual and action plans of the organization in cooperation with the Governing Board;
  • Is responsible for the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the Annual Program of the NYCM;
  • Coordinates the preparation of project, program budgets and the single organizational budget, financial statements to donors;
  • Approves the calculations for the payment of salaries to the employees and takes care of the timely fulfillment of all legal obligations related to the administrative and financial operations;
  • Manages the institutional development and strengthening of the capacities of the staff of the NYCM in cooperation with the Management Board;
  • Coordinates the work of coordinators and other members of the Secretariat;
  • When hiring in the NYCM, gives a proposal for a candidate to the Board of Directors of the NYCM;
  • In agreement with the Governing Board, performs other tasks and assumes responsibilities that are within the position framework and provided by the Statute and the rule books of the NYCM.


Required knowledge and skills of candidates for Secretary General



  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in civil society and / or project management cycle (necessary)
  • Higher education will be considered an advantage (desirable)
  • Work experience in a managerial position will be considered an advantage (desirable)


Specific knowledge and experience related to the respective position:

  • Financial management (necessary);
  • Human Resource Management (necessary);
  • Program and project management of long-term projects funded by international donors (necessary);
  • Knowledge of English (necessary);
  • Knowledge of Albanian language (desirable);
  • Experience in network types of organizations (desirable);
  • Knowledge of organizational management and institutional development (necessary).


Personal characteristics and skills:

  • Leadership skills (necessary);
  • Professionalism and commitment (necessary);
  • Communication skills (necessary);
  • Work with short deadlines (necessary);
  • Transparency (necessary);
  • Teamwork (necessary);
  • Loyalty to the organization and its goals (necessary);
  • Presentation skills (necessary);
  • Negotiation skills (necessary);
  • Commitment to target groups involvement (necessary).


Working conditions:

The position is full-time (40 hours per week, with a 3-month trial period), occasional weekend work and includes travel.

The term of office of the Secretary General is 3 years with the possibility of re-election.


Salary amount: from 48,112 denars to 67,278 denars, gross amount, depending on experience.


Selection method:

Candidates who will be pre-selected will be invited for an interview with the Governing Board of the NYCM. The selected person is expected to start working immediately after the decision of the Management Board of the NYCM, but not later than 15.05.2020.

The deadline for submitting all applications is April 19, 2020, 23:59h. All applications must be sent by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]

Only pre-selected candidates will be notified of the results.

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