USAID’s Civic Engagement Project (CEP) calls the general public to submit their votes for the candidates for this year’s Youth Civic Engagement Award (YCEA), in the individual category, the informal youth group category and the youth CSO / youth CSO alliance category, and help us select this year’s winners. We’ll be awarding 2 winners per category!



CEP will award up to six Youth Civic Engagement Awards (YCEA) to successful young men and women (age 18–29), informal youth groups (consisting of at least three members), and youth CSOs / youth CSO alliances that have demonstrated exemplary commitment to improving the life of their community or that of the society at large by undertaking actions that address issues of public concern at any level in North Macedonia. YCEA will be awarded for actions that the nominees have undertaken during the period January 2020 to March 2021.

YCEA will recognize initiatives by young men and women, informal youth groups, and youth CSOs / youth CSO alliances that have demonstrated: a clear vision for improvements at the community, regional, or national level that are systemic and sustainable in addressing a priority societal and/or community concern; exceptional creativity, innovation, and leadership in defining and addressing issues of public concern; and have brought about tangible results in improving the community or society’s well-being due to the nominee’s actions.


  • In the individual category, the nominees are: Aleksandar Lazovski, Alen Umer, Blendi Hodai, Gorazd Kitanovski and Jana Ognjanovska.


  • In the informal group category, the nominees are: Center for Equal Opportunities “Ladybug”, ODAS Education, Walkiie, Water4Changes, Ways2Help and Youth Club SIGN.


  • In the youth CSO / youth CSO alliance category, the nominees are: AVAJA Movement, Association for the protection of animals “AMOS” Shelter, Association for sustainable development and environmental protection Go Green, Association Youth Alliance – Krushevo, and Kolektiv Z.


To submit your votes for the candidates for the YCEA, please go to the following link to learn more about this year’s nominees and follow the voting instructions.


Voting will officially close on April 28.

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